21 November 2009


So. From the time when we are old enough to take in information (which is pretty much immediately after birth) we are told what to think. We are told what to believe. We are told what the world IS. We are told not to question, not to buck authority, not to be different.

My problem: All advancement and achievement has been accomplished by those who said "I will be different, and who cares? I will think. I see these things that are true, and must tell the world, even if they do not believe me!"

We are raising a stagnant world. We are teaching the future that growth is bad, that ambition, that dreaming, is pointless. Why?

Rise up out of your stagnant grocery store-driven life, out of your world of crackberry and i-rule world, look around, and realize that we have forgotten how to live. Reclaim your individuality. Say " I am who I am happy being, and I don't Care what people say!" Use the internet as the tool it is supposed to be, and not as a replacement social life. Go. Talk to people face to face. Engage them, discuss everything, start an argument! Do SOMETHING. BE DIFFERENT. Be unafraid of things that will not cause you harm.

Question Everything. Master your fear and be a rational individual. I dare you.

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