07 December 2008

That is bigotry. That is Ignorance. That is Irony.

The following is an excerpt from a letter, the whole of which can be found at Pharyngula...

Addressed to Dr. P.Z. Myers from a wingnut:

"It is teachers like you that have exploded the growth of home schooling. It is professors like you that have encouraged the installation and growth of faith based and Christian Colleges. So for that, I guess I have people like you to thank. Thank God my children will have somewhere else to go. I don't want them learning the fairy tale of evolution, I want them to be free to investigate ALL available arguments. All of them. I mean, the theory of evolution is all you have? Seriously? Science isn't in the box, professor. You can't prove evolution and you can't prove creation. No one can. So why can't we talk about both? We rehash the same dead, unproven, broken theory when there are so many other questions out there to be asked, researched and experimented with? That sir, is intolerance. That is bigotry. That is ignorance."

And people ask why I am frustrated with the state of education in the world today... Can people get more brainwashed? Seriously? Read a biology book, you ignorant stain.

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